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Case Study - Repair Of a Broken Penis - Unedited and Name withdrawn; Free Advice from Dr. Lin. (this document was created in 12/20/1997)

Reader's 1st E-mail:
Recently ( 2 weeks ago) while I was having intercourse with my girlfriend (she was on top) We moved in a wrong way and I felt my Erect penis broke. I felt a sudden pain and after that we continued . Twice the same day ( 6 hrs interval) . Then next week I did'nt feel normal. This was my first relationship with a girl. I am 24. and that was the begining of my real sex life. Now I am not able to Masturbate or even if I have sex I don't feel erect enough.( when flacid I feel slight pain in the tip of my penis. ) I don't get hard enough. I am worried . Is there any possibility of breaking penis.? please give me suggestion ASAP, (E-mail) she is coming to visit me next week (thanks giving day)Thank you.

Dr. Lin's Answers:

Your penis tissue has been seriously damaged. When the woman is on the top, the man must have a hard penis to retain the aliegnment with the vagina. Otherwise, the womwn's wild thrusts will smash the penis. Your penis has a blood congestion inside, like your muscle being hitted by a impact force. I can suggest you to try to do the following procedures:
>>>1. Use a penis vacuum pump to assist the penis blood circulation; don't pump too hard.
>>>2. Massage your penis shaft and its base frequently.
If your situation can not be improved in one month, you have to see a doctor to have a surgery.

Reader's 2nd E-mail:

>> THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR PROMPT AND DETAIL REPLY. I tried your massage it works, execpt for the head portion of my penis seems to be soft and dull in colour. I had a good erection but for the soft part in the head of the penis.
>> 1. Do I need to take any medicine or Vitamins to improve the healing?
>> 2. Can have sexual Intercourse now?
>> 3. If I want to see a Doctor which Department should I visit.
>> I would be grateful to you if you could guide me further? >>
>> Thank you. >>

Dr. Lin's Answers for fixing broken penis-
>I hope you don't have to go through surgery. You need more blood and bio-energy flows going to the penis head (glans penis). To power up the penis head, you have to massage the root/base and the shaft of the penis very often. I still think you need a penis vacuum pump to do physical therapy for about a month everyday. This will induce the fresh blood, oxygen and bio-energy into the penis head to re-establish your power system locally. I prefer physical therapy to surgery. Let your body rebuild your system for you without intrusion or disturbing the blood and bio-engery circulation systems.
>I do believe you will recover with the self physical therapy itself.
>Intercourse? Yes, but carefully. Intercourse can help your penis to expand. Don't try easy ejaculation. Every times when you are about to ejaculate, stop your love strokes, take a deep breath, pull out slowly, massage the penis root/base and then shaft, and pull down your testices. Re-plug into the vagina again. Repeat this process for about 5 or 6 times until you feel your prostate about to exploding. Your glans penis should become every solid and hard.
>See doctor? Urologist.

Reader's 3rd E-mail:
Hello Sir,
Thank You once again. I feel fine so far. My Girl Friend was here on the Thanks giving weekend and to my suprise we had a wonderful time. Every thing was normal execpt for a slight tickling pain in the tip after Intercourse. I had a appointment with Dr. Roszhart in springfield after the weekend , He told me that he don't feel any thing bad. b'cause it had started to heal already . I am very thankful to you for your response and attention given. With Respect,

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