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Case Study -> Solutions for damage caused by the "male fitness" exercise - penis weight lifting (self-castrating), or penis pump; no more sexual orgasm .(unedited)
Reader: 10/12/1998>
Hi Dr. Lin
i have a specific problem brought on foolishly by myself. After having read special Chik Kung Instrustions & also separately "penis enlargement methods" on web. I proceeded for a few weeks to hang 5-10 lb weights from the tip (area just before the head) of my penis for extended periods of time--sometimes upt to 2 hours (because i lost trak of time & feeling since it became numb & discolored)
Since. then, it is sometimes cold down there & no feeling & no blood flow. Sometimes it gets erect but the head & just before the head no feeling-feels like rubber or artificail there-& cold or clamy. somtime get warmth & feeling there though which gives me hope. trid using vacume pump 10 min a day for 4 months & hand massage, but only slight improvemnnts sometimes & when not touch for a week, its like no feeling/excitiment around the penis, & i cannot get it hard w/o manual manipulatino for 10 min. or so versus spontaneous erection like it should be,--morning erections do happen sometimes though still with head part cold & clammy feeling.--
FYI-i do sit down in chair alot 4 my job, im 30 years old, & just last year was extremely hard all time-yet never wasted semen like normal people very upseting
please help me... what u suggest, cupping? herbs? exercises? do i have irreversalbe nerve damage? can i reverse back to normal been like this about 6 months now daryn??@aol.com - i miss that nice warm horny feeling flowing towards the head of my penis. i don't want to be resigned to med dr. who would probally prescribe some drug or surgery or pumping b4 sex or somehting awful in this realm..
thank you kindly
Dr. Lin:10/13/1998>
Obviously, your penile weight lifting exercise has damaged the spongy tissue called Corpora cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum, including nerves and arteries to the glans.
You worked too hard on your penis!
The Penile Pump can cause the similar damage on the penis if you pump too hard.
Now, you have to solve this problem with a deep-hand massage, with BxnGxy or muscle rub creams. After massaging, put the penis in a warn water for 5-10 minutes every day. At the same time, you should take GinKgo, Gotu Kola, Vitamin C (more 1000 mg) and Vitamin E (more than 400 IU) to promote the arteries healing there.
It seems I should include this formula in this website for these who have their penises do the "male fitness" exercise.
By the way, to solve your blood congestion problem in the genital area, you should consider Vacuum-cupping Massage on your low back, butts, groins, perineum and thighs.
To help you recharge your sexual battery,  Endura or LastLonger are the good nutrients for sexual performance.
For herbal supplements, please go to

Reader: 10/13/1998>
HI Dr. Lin-
First, I really appreciate your existence & service.
I've read yr instructions, & will follow. Do you then believe such damage caused it reversible & for feeling & function to come back full swing?
Also, I thougth I would add one more pecilurarity to my situation. Shortly after 'hanging on the tip' for way too long causing the numbing effect, the next day or so i was sitting down on a hard chair & my tailbone started 'falling asleep' with numbing/pins & needle sensation. Next this sensation traveled strait up from the base to the tip of the penis which felt very odd, & the penis went very erect & then collapsed limp. Since then I've had occastional repeats of this scenario as well as feet or arm or leg "falling asleep"/going numb/pins & needles. Sometimes I've awoken in the moring with a dead arm totally numb & sometimes my foot/leg fall go completely numb in normal position while sitting. Further, today while sitting at park against tree, tailbone went numb/pins& needles & then again traveled up penis making feel very strange. I thought Id elaborate this to give you full idea of effects happening to me concurrent with the penis head continual numbing effect since the hanging of heavy weights for way too long a period. Wiring problem? Any additional treatment or suggestions recommended?? , cupping?Thanx, Mike
p,s, ive now read that Indian aethetics sikkus, have purposely hung heavy weights for long periods of time to permenantly loose feeling from penis in order to concentrate their life on mediation & not sex-- this scares me If i've done same extended damage inadvertantly....
Dr. Lin: 10/14/1998>
Usually, the damaged nerves will re-generate themselves as long as the blood circulation is restored. It seems you need a Vacuum-cupping Massage from you neck/shoulders down to your perineum/groins/thighs. The numbness, pain and cramp are mainly caused by the poor blood circulation in the capillary between arteries and veins, near the bone. The blockages (stagnated blood pockets) in the capillary compress the adjacent, sensory nerves to create the problem for you. What you need is to remove the blockages by Vacuum-cupping Massage. Once the blockages are removed, the good blood circulation between the arteries and veins will be re-established. And then the damaged nerves will heal themselves. You may be able to recover more than 80-90%. Vitamins C and E, Ginkgo, and Guto Kola can help you recover.
The Indian aehetics sikkus may be useful for castration. I remember that this method was used to castrate ox when I was a farm body 40 years ago. I can not believe that this method has been introduced in the Internet to teach men how to castrate themselves. I think I should include some useful herbs in this website for the penis weight lifters.
However, I can sense you are starting to experience some problems associated hormone fluctuation/unbalance in your bloodstream. Once a while, men and women will experience these problems.

Reader: 9/14/1998> Dr.Lin
Thank you-i will incorporate your suggestions. Where do i get the vacuum suction cups, how many, what sizes, what price, & how long use per treatment & how many treatments per day, one at a time?
BTW one other effect i've noticed is when blood does start going down there, or when i am having sex, soon after , blood retreats much quicker than prior and penis goes limp & feels very light & airy versus heavy as before. any comments?
Dr. Lin: 10/15/1998:>

All the products are listed in
The detail of Vacuum-cupping Massage is given in
It requires 3-6 treatments to remove blood congestion in the hurting area. It will take you an hour to treat the area mentioned above. The skin will show some black/blue/deep-red spots which are the stagnated blood pockets in the muscle. It will take 3-7 days for them to disappear. Then, you re-treat the area again every week until there are no more spots shown up. Finally, the skin become pink after treatment. That is it!
The ebb of the erection indicates the action potential in the Parasympathetic Nervous System is low, or the bioelectricity in the system is low. I have studied this problem since I started to experience my low back in 1989. At that time, I took PeniSOS-like products to kill the pain, that increased my sexual drive and performance. I felt that my nervous system got a super charge with these products. In the spring of 1993, I wore a light T-shirt in a chilly day of Taiwan while all the people are covered I have discovered the principle of charging the nervous systems with tonic foods and herbs, and the role of parasympathetic, sexual motor nerves on the erection. The tricks to deal with erection are:
1. How to use mediation or nap to increase the erection duration - men older than 35 or 40 need this practice;
2. How to take tonic herbs to recharge the system;
3. How to eat to prevent testosterone-to-estrogen conversion and to retain testosterone in the body.
I deal the sexual problems more scientifically than these who introduced the Oriental myths to the modern world, although I apply the acupuncture channels to interpret the sexual energy flows. However, I am not fully convinced that a simple method can solve the problems because there are at 3 systems involved:
1. The circulation system,
2. The nervous system, and
3. The endocrine system,
which are interacting each other like a complete engine system.
In the genital area, there are no major arteries and veins to form a good circulation system. Tiny arteries and veins in the genital area are very easily to get choked by blood congestion due to mechanical damage of tissue, long sitting or lifting, or the means that block the blood circulation there. Once the stagnated blood pockets are formed in the area, the testosterone secretion and the sensitivity of the sex organs will decline. That means, the poor blood circulation will affect the nervous system. The erection or engorgement of the sex organs are driven by the hydraulic blood pressure in the genital area. We notice that a low heart beating rate can not prime the erection or engorgement for men and women, respectively. The optimal heart beat for men to erect the penis, but yet to control ejaculation is around 90-110 beats per minutes. A heart beating rate higher than 110 may force the sympathetic nervous system to trigger ejaculation/orgasm. Kava Kava can calm the heart for young men. Our Orgasmic Tea can race the heart beat up for the erection of middle ager and seniors, and help women to get orgasm very easily.
While you got problems with the circulation and nervous systems in the genital area, I look into your endocrine system too. This is because the hormone secretion is triggered by the nervous system with the supply of nutrients, oxygen and hormone-building substances carried by the circulation system. On the other hand, DHEA and testosterone of the endocrine hormone production line are used to charge the nervous system. When the interaction chain of these 3 system is broken, you have to re-establish it back for your health and well-being, including sex. I call this procedure the system re-boosting or rejuvenating. I have studied this procedure for more than 10 years.
I attach a graph called Hormone.jpg (click here for the graph) for your reference.

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