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Case Study - Mechanic Penile Enlargements weaken the erection for no sexual orgasm! Solutions!
Reader: 5/4/1999>
Hello Dr. Lin
I wish you could help me in this horible problem i have. I tried to enlarge my penis with my hands.It is ridiculous, I know, but I read something similar in the internet (a en larging machine), and I tried to copy this.I enlarged my penis two hours the day, three weeks.But one day (two weeks ago) i did it with force, and i lost sensation in all the genital zone.Two weeks has passed and still i dont have sensation.I am terrorified.What I did? Can it heal? When? Very much thanks
Dr. Lin:5/6/1999>
I am not surprised that you got that result. In 1993 when I experienced my middle-age (43) sexual disturbance - weakening erection, I bought a penile pump (US$60+) in an attempt to "enlarge" my penis too. My experience is: you can get a super stretch; but after the penis shrinks back, you will lose your erection for the rest of the day. The other penile stretching method will result in the same problem. The result is very negative. Then, I started to analyze the problem based upon the bioelectric theory. I have found that the absolute penile size depends on the bioelectric level of the parasympathetic sexual nerve, or simply the sexual potential. When a man with a low sexual potential can not have a hard erection or hold it longer enough to complete the intercourse, the mechanical penile stretcher will do more harm than good. This is because the mechanic device forces the penis to stretch at the expense of the bioelectricity in the sexual nerves. As a result, there is no much bioenergy left in the system. When there is no more bioelectricity in the sex organ and when the adrenal cortexes can not produce sufficient DHEA to support the testicular function, the brain will shut down the testicular function. Naturally, your penis is temporarily dead.
So, we have conducted our experiments to restore the erection power, based upon my own experiences of restoring my erection when I sexually exhausted my self in my 22. Our first target is to restore the brain (pituitary)-liver-adrenal functions. I used this theory to restore my erection power back with my Endura for elevating the Central Nervous System  after I experienced my  pumping nightmare. Once the brain-liver-adrenal functions are back to work, the erection potential comes back to power up the penis to an extreme. That is why I disclosed my 1-o'clock penile erection secret in
and readers's experiences with my method are listed in
The theoretical maximum penile size is the total length of the middle finger plus the palm size. Of course, the tumor-type growth of the penis is possible, but I consider it is a tumor in the penis.
Thus, I have formulated LoveLonger for young men, LastLonger for men of 25-35 (typical), Endura for men of 25 -40, ViaPal-hGH packages for middle agers and seniors including heart and blood-pressure patients. And our new products, ViaGrowth-I, -II and -III and ViaPal-hGH will be released in next week.
These products are to work on the brain-liver-adrenal (and testicular, for men) functions for both sexes, by promoting the functions of the nervous system, blood circulation, and endocrine system.
To solve your problem, you have to repower the brain-liver-adrenal-testicular functions.
It requires a jump start with ViaGrowth-III, Ginseng Power Max 4x, Fibra Tea;  in other words, you need either
1. Endura OR
2. one of ViaPal-hGH package.
These products are listed in
 Our products have their reputation as given in
Even the erectile drug users like ViaPal-hGH packages.
If you take Item-1, you need extra B-6 and B-12. Item-2 includes B-6 and B-12.
Take these products and use my Natural Penile Enlargement Method as described in case7648.htm with the attached graph, Enlarge.jpg. You will put your penis back to work.

NOTE: if you area young man, you must switch the dietary supplement to (ViaGrowth-I/FibraTea + Ginsseng Power Max 4x)  or (ViaGrowth-II/FibraTea + Ginsseng Power Max 4x) after one month with Endura or ViaPal-hGH which are too powerful for men under 30.

By the way, DON'T MASTURBATE Your Glans and Trigger Zone.
Instead, Massage the lower section of your penile shaft, the penile footing/base, the pubis, the scrotum/testes, and the groins to initiate and power your erection.

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