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Case Study: Methods of Lengthening, J?lqing , Hardening and Ejaculation Control, and Male Kegeling for no sexual orgasm!
Reader: 10/11/1999>
Im sorry this is such a long email.. (You can gaze over it quickly to get the point.) I wanted to know if this is a hoax or has any truth to it at all. Are u familiar with the term "J?lqing," and does it work? Does any of this have any value whatsoever? Thanks for your honesty.

(Due to copyrighted concern, the original article is deleted.)

(Due to copyrighted concern, the original article is deleted.)

Hardening and Ejaculation Control
(Due to copyrighted concern, the original article is deleted.)

Male Kegeling
(Due to copyrighted concern, the original article is deleted.)

Dr. Lin:10/15/1999>
Thank you very much for your information. In fact, I had a Australia reader e-mailed me the same article to me before.
Here is my comments:
1. Lengthening - You cannot grow the penile "muscle" because there is no muscle in the penis. That is, you cannot use any penile exercise to increase the penile length.
We middle agers and seniors have experienced the change of the our sex tools, as we age. In the flaccid state, the penile length won't change much, but in the natural erection state, it becomes shorter and weaker. When we use our hormone releasers to power erection, the erection size comes back again.
The powered-up length (120-140% of the natural erection length) are highly depending on the instantaneous testosterone burst and burning.
The penile tissues are very special. You cannot regenerate the tissues, but you can stretch it by ballooning internally, depending on the availability of the testosterone and a chemical called Nitric Oxide (NO) produced by L-Arginine and Choline with B-6 and other plant hormones in our ViaGrowth products. NO can relax the arteries to allow more blood to fill the penile cylinder.
The special erection effect produced by our ViaGrowth products has been reported, as described in
2. J?qling - Increasing the size of penile arteries for more blood to flow into the penile shaft and head?
Again, you need NO and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to increase the penile size. DHT is the supper-potent hormone produced by the testosterone burning. If your prostate traps too much DHT, you will experience the prostate enlargement pain. You need a lot of DHT to expand the penile size. You must have a good blood circulation in the perineum to supply testosterone for burning in the prostate area and to fully drain the end product DHT out of the area to prevent prostate pain or enlargement after sexual acts.
3. Hardening and Ejaculation Control - This is the old Stop-and-Go method suggested by all the sexual therapists. This method uses masturbation friction in an attempt to reduce the sensitivity of the sensory nerves along the penile shaft. If you stimulate the sensory nerve along the urethral tract, from the urethral orifice to the prostate, you will ejaculate more quickly, as shown in
This method ignores the actual ejaculation controller in the prostate. So, you won't get much benefit from this method.
4. Male Kegeling - Temporarily helping erection but accelerating ejaculation. This exercise during sex causes the premature ejaculation for middle agers and seniors. When women do Kegeling, they can come more quickly. This is what my Tai-Chi Yang-kong for women is all about!
When men do Kegeling, the prostate ejaculation controller nerve will be tensed up for erection and ejaculation at the same time.

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